Is an Acne Cure Possible?

With a worldwide condition like acne that millions of people suffer from at all ages and in any gender group, one begins to wonder if the so called acne cure that people promote really works. If there was an outright acne cure then everyone would be using it.

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Well, the difficult thing about acne is that everyone responds differently to various medication and topical treatments. There is no real cure that will help everyone and the best way to cure acne is to prevent it altogether. Researchers are still busy trying to find an acne cure, but for the meantime they have found ways to minimise its appearance and effects as much as they can.

Acne Cure or Acne Prevention

Many people have suffered from acne for many years and for the most part people have just learned how to deal with it. Also, they have tried almost every product on the market. The trick is to try every cure that does the rounds, if only because what works for some people might not work for you and visa versa.

Fed up of a severe acne condition, Charles Griffith discovered the Exposed Acne Treatment over a year ago and it has kept him acne free for over 6 months. He, just like all acne sufferers, realised that doctors only talk about treatment and prevention rather than cure and since prevention is not always possible, different treatment methods have to be tried.

Well, as we have said before, what works for Charles may not work for you and you might find that a course of Roaccutane works wonders for you while it does nothing for another acne-sufferer. Or perhaps using another system like Proactive does nothing for you while it may be effective for somebody else.

These acne treatment methods in a way are cures and preventions in one, because many of them will reduce scarring, prevent future outbreaks and get rid of the acne you have currently. What I have also noticed with acne, is that a treatment method will only work for a certain period of time. It is almost as if the acne you have becomes resistant to the treatment and you then have to look for a new acne cure.

Treatment methods do not only have to be face washes and creams, but you do get oral medication called Accutane or Roaccutane. This is an oral retinoid that is derived from Vitamin A and actually stops the sebaceous glands from producing oil so that they never get blocked. This might seem to be the acne cure we have all been looking for, but as with any antibiotics there are some dangerous side effects which is why it is only prescribed in dire cases and only for a limited period of time.

There is another system called TriClear Eliminator and this involves a three step cleansing system. You get a medicated cleanser, healing gel, and revitalizing cream which is oil free. This will also promote healing of old scars and prevent acne from coming back.

As you can see there is no real acne cure, only preventative treatments.

Acne Causes Revealed

Acne is a common skin condition that affects both adults and teenagers all over the world with acne causes receiving much debate. There are creams and lotions, ointments and medication to help control this condition, but no one really knows what the main acne causes are.

Statistic indicate that nearly 4 million people in the US alone suffer from acne with a majority of them prone to scarring, emotional trauma and poor social skills brought on by low self-esteem and lack of self confidence. Acne causes are what we need to focus on to enable us to get rid of acne and prevent it from coming back, instead of just treating it once we have it.

Acne is almost like a common cold. Everyone gets it, but no one knows why or what causes it and therefore there is no fool proof cure for it. However, although nobody is quite sure of what acne causes are, they are of how it is caused. When the pores in your skin become clogged, this turns into acne.

Each and every pore has a canal or follicle beneath it and inside this follicle you have a hair and an oil gland called a sebaceous gland. This glad produces oil or sebum, which is used to hydrate the skin and remove dead skin cells. Acne starts when this sebaceous gland produces too much sebum and instead of getting rid of the dirt and dead skin cells, the dirt and dead skin cells get trapped inside. This creates a perfect breeding area for the propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria that causes acne to grow and thrive.

In time, the tip of the acne will then turn into a whitehead or a blackhead and if these are picked or squeezed, which they usually are, then the bacteria will spread to other pores and cause various other types of acne including acne cysts.

Acne Causes – What Causes Excess Sebum in the First Place?

This is the real question when one wants to get to the bottom of acne causes. Well, unfortunately no one has a specific answer to this, and therein lies the problem with the causes of acne and how to control or prevent it.

For the most part, it is said to be hereditary and with many people, like 25 year old Susannah Crewe, there is a history of acne in the family. For her it was triggered as soon as she started using certain cosmetics at around the age of 17. A thorough investigation revealed that in her case the acne was caused due to genetics.

In addition to certain foods and cosmetics, studies show that there is a definite link between acne and hormones and perspiration as well as excessive stress. However, these are merely acne triggers; they do not cause acne by themselves.

Acne causes are still a mystery to the world, and through understanding genetics in more detail, will we be able to find out more about this very common, albeit a very irritating condition.