5 ways smoking affects your lungs

Smoking is very dangerous for your help. People who frequently smoke for a long time have the chance of having lung cancer. Smoking hurts your lungs badly. Here are five ways smoking can affect your lungs.

1. Cigarette smoke has chemicals that affect the body’s way of filtering air and cleaning the lungs. Smoke irritates the lungs and starts to produce too much mucus, thus blocking the airways.

2. Smoking paralyzes the cilia, which are small hair-like structures that line the airways. Cilia also clean out dirt and dust. When the cilia get paralyzed, mucus and toxic substances can accumulate and so results in the congestion of the lungs.

3. When extra mucus develops, smokers may suffer from chronic bronchitis or ‘smoker’s cough’. It affects the lungs.

4. Cigarette smoke may trigger asthma. The inflamed air passage becomes narrow when it gets exposed to smoke. As a result, the attack occurs.

5. Due to long-term exposure to tobacco, the normal structure of the lungs gets destroyed. The elastic structure of the small airways inside the lungs break down, reducing the amount of lung tissue available for transferring oxygen from the air to the blood.

If lung tissue gets damaged, then it can’t be fixed. Smoking may affect the health of others who live with you. People who are addicted to smoking finds it hard to get rid of the habit. But there are many options available today that helps you to quit smoking. So, we must stop smoking immediately. It is a bad habit and eventually leads to death.